Finally Bottled My State Fair Competition Beers

IMG00168This past Sunday I finally got around to bottling my State Fair Competition Beers, I’m several weeks overdue, and even then, it almost didn’t happen.

I had everything ready, and I couldn’t find my hydrometer. It’s pretty frustrating when you can’t find something you know you have. I looked all over for it and even called a friend to see if he had a hydrometer (he’s new to homebrewing).

Luckily, I was able to locate it, and I wasn’t any later bottling these beers.

I have to submit the entries to the local homebrew shop this week, and I’m a little concerned about them getting carbonated the way I want them to.

The Saison finished with a final gravity of 1.022, which was .004 higher than I had hoped. The ABV ended up at 5.63%. Next time I make this one, I’m going to make sure I have a brew belt so I can get it nice and warm at the end.

The Bavarian Hefeweizen finished with a final gravity of 1.014, which was dead on. The ABV of that beer is 4.84%

I’ll get the labels and entry forms together, then cross my fingers.

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