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imageBoy is my face red. In my last post, which was about a month ago, I mentioned that I was going to brew a bock “this weekend”, well, that didn’t happen.

After giving it a little more thought, and realizing that I am nearly completely out of beer, I decided to go with a nice quick ale instead.

So this weekend I brewed “Cheeks to the Wind Mild”, a recipe from the good old “Complete Joy of Homebrewing” by Charlie Papazian.

It’s an extract batch, and luckily the boil volume is only 2G, because I don’t think my poor electric stove could handle much more than that.

The picture above is my 7.5~ish Gallon Turkey fryer pot. My wife is kind enough to let me brew in the house, she doesn’t mind the smell (which I think is wonderful). The main reason I’ve been brewing in the garage is so I could use my outdoor cookers to heat the wort, but this was pretty nice. I know some homebrewers get kicked out of the kitchen pretty quick by their significant others.

Of course, I thought it would be handy to have a heat stick to help the poor electric stove top get things up to temp a little quicker. I think once I was trying to boil 4G, and it would come pretty close to boiling temperatures, but never actually get there.

I have plans next weekend to brew a small batch of an ESB so I can test out the hops my friend grew for me. I want to see if it is as bitter as I would expect, so I can kind of guess at the alpha acid content.

Keep checking back for more. Cheers!

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