Mike’s Classic Saison Tasting Notes #1

Just a couple of notes here about this Saison.

When I tried it directly after the state fair competition, about 2 months after brewing, I wasn’t real impressed. It was tasty enough, but it just didn’t have all the freaky flavors that I tend to associate with a Saison.

Then we went on vacation in October, and while on vacation, I ended up buying a pile of craft brew that I can’t get here. Of course, it took me a while to get through all of that beer. I know, it’s hard work, but someone’s got to do it.

In late December, about 5 months after brewing it, I had another one of these saisons. I hadn’t tried one in a couple of months.

I literally had to do a double take, and make sure that this was the same beer. It was absolutely amazing! Nice flavors, good carbonation, absolutely a terrific Saison.

Of course, every silver lining has a cloud. I enjoyed it for several weeks, and brought some over to a friend’s house for new years eve. When I opened it, the most beautiful white head just came pouring out of the bottle, and it kept coming. I think about half of the bottle was foam.

It’s even worse now, and you get about a quarter of a glass of beer for each bottle. I’m really surprised that none of the bottles exploded in the beer closet.

Although the foam is excessive, the beer is unbelievably good, so I’m not too broken hearted. This was my first original recipe, and I’m just so glad that it came out well.

My plan for next time is to really work to ferment it out, maybe leave it in the carboy for a good long while. I’ve even thought about kegging the next batch so I can vent some of the CO2, and then bottle from the keg if I want to enter it in a competition.

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