GoodHomebrew links for 2012-08-17

Just some neat stuff I ran across today.

Want to make your own Immersion chiller?

Dave Bishop shows you how on Broadford Brewer

I think I mentioned somewhere that I used to have a garbage can that I would fill up with water and put my kettle in, but most of the time now I brew in a Sanke Keg that I cut the top off of, and there’s no way I could get that in the garbage can, it’s way too heavy.

I love my immersion chiller now. When I start chilling, the initial runoff is really hot, then cools down after a few minutes. At that point I run it through a sprinkler and put it on my lawn 🙂

Ever want some really sweet labels for your homebrew?

Grog Tag- Design or submit you’re beer or wine label, then you can order them. A little pricey for my tastes, but they are awesome. When I took a look at it, they were $35 for 48 labels. If labels aren’t your thing, they also have coasters.

Check out this label and tell me that isn’t awesome!

Another way to learn how to Homebrew

My personal history is learning through pain, blood, sweat and tears, but hey, maybe you want someone to teach you how to homebrew. Besides my developing site that is 🙂

Home Brew Academy is a sharp looking site! I don’t see a free plan, although they do have a 90 trial. There is a blog with tips on it.

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