Brew Session – 2014-04-27


Today has been a very productive day for brewing! I cleaned out some kegs, then brewed a California style Pale Ale.

A couple of weeks ago I had brewed a Vienna Lager, and I racked that into one of the clean kegs today. The second keg is just waiting for that California Pale Ale to be finished. I’m trying to get the Vienna Lager and the Pale Ale ready quick so that I can server it when I have some people over soon.

Recipes – From here on out I decided that any recipe I have won’t be posted until I’ve actually tasted the finished product. I’m not in any big hurry, so why not wait.

My brewing has really been off for quite awhile. If you look back at my post history, you’ll see that it’s getting pretty close to two years since I posted anything.

Life has just been getting in the way of things, and I wasn’t keeping track of the little brewing that I did. I need to go back through my notes and try to get my history up to date. At least the “What’s in my closet” section is up to date, since I’m pretty much tapped out right now Smile

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