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Brew Session – 2014-04-27

Today has been a very productive day for brewing! I cleaned out some kegs, then brewed a California style Pale Ale. A couple of weeks ago I had brewed a Vienna Lager, and I racked that into one of the … Continue reading

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It’s Time for the State Fair Competition again already?!?!

Really? I just can’t believe that a whole year has gone by already. I still haven’t posted my score sheets from last year yet, and unbelievably, it’s time again. Where do the days go? This year, I did start brewing … Continue reading

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The Cursed Recipe

I found this Irish red recipe that looked really good, but for one reason or another, I just can’t seem to brew it right. The first time I brewed it, I didn’t realize it was a 10.5G batch. So I … Continue reading

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Catching up on the Pipeline

I’ve often heard of a homebrewer’s beer supply as “the pipeline”. On one side of the pipeline, you’re making beer, on the other side of the pipeline, you’re drinking it. Of course, in the middle there’s a whole series of … Continue reading

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2012-01-14 Brew Session

A friend of mine who has a green thumb was kind enough to grow some hops for me. Of course I’m going to have to repay his generosity with some beer. The only issue with home grown and wild hops … Continue reading

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Back to Homebrewing

Boy is my face red. In my last post, which was about a month ago, I mentioned that I was going to brew a bock “this weekend”, well, that didn’t happen. After giving it a little more thought, and realizing … Continue reading

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Finally Bottled My State Fair Competition Beers

This past Sunday I finally got around to bottling my State Fair Competition Beers, I’m several weeks overdue, and even then, it almost didn’t happen. I had everything ready, and I couldn’t find my hydrometer. It’s pretty frustrating when you … Continue reading

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State of the Brewing Update 2011-08-03

Well, I’ve had to modify my State fair brewing plans. As it has a habit of doing to me, life has stepped in to assert it’s authority. Here’s the run down: – Was planning on brewing 4 beers – Now … Continue reading

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2011-07-06 Brew Session

It was a nice Wednesday, and I had the day off from work. I had been able to pick up all of the off the wall yeasts that I needed earlier, but I still had a bit of a late … Continue reading

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The wheels are in motion!

I swung by my friendly neighborhood homebrew store and picked up my yeast. The only yeast I wasn’t able to get was the American Ale II (Wyeast 1272), but I’m not too worried about it, I’m sure I’ll be able … Continue reading

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